This Could Be Us


Hi Bottom Feeders!

I mentioned on Twitter last month that I’d be taking a short break from Probottom Book Club, so if you’ve recently subscribed and are wondering where the newsletter is, it’s coming back soon. I’ve been pretty busy with the holidays and gay porn awards season, but I do fully intend to resume the PBBC in due time. Thanks for your patience.

But I do have an exciting announcement! I have launched a biweekly column for MEL Magazine titled This Could Be Us that features tales from my adventures in gay sex, intimacy, and culture. The column’s first piece is already published, and my intention for the project is to excavate experiences of rejection, denial, and foiled connections.

This Could Be Us

While I’m obviously down to write about my sex life, I had my hesitations about premising a column on what is ultimately a very privileged viewpoint on gay sex. I did not want to wind up gloating about my sex life, nor did I want to whine about it. Given MEL’s critical concern with masculinity, I offered to dedicate my column to particular questions about entitlement, consent, and compassion. With the help of my editor Joseph Longo, I think I’ve found a nice niche for myself, and hope that I will be read in good enough faith.

All of that is the long way of saying that I’d appreciate your support on this new endeavor by reading the column, and if you like it, sharing it with friends. It’s been wonderful publishing freely and independently on Substack, but I also want to get paid to write! So if you happen to be a writer or editor for another publication that you think would welcome my point of view, let’s chat!

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